Sclerotherapy is a treatment used for small reticular veins and spider veins.   The treatment is performed with an injection of an FDA approved solution causing scar tissue to form on the vein walls. This scarring causes the vein to harden and close. Closure ends blood flow through the vein and results in re-routing blood flow through other veins. The veins gradually shrink and recede from sight. Usually, several treatment sessions are needed depending on the size and extent of the diseased veins.  

The entire procedure normally takes about 30-45 minutes.  Recovery time for this procedure is 1-2 days during which time it is recommended to wear a compression garment.  Most patients will receive noticeable results after one treatment, but 2-3 treatment sessions may be needed to get the maximum benefit.  Minor itching, burning and redness are possible common side effects. 



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